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The reaction continues. As tempers flair of President Bush's Budget proposal it seems that the air of non-partisanship has given way to the unavoidable two-party system tide of spin. The entertainment industry has returned to what they do best and left the hackneyed and wholeheartedly patronizing patriotic kiss ass on the dressing room floor to run out to a writers meeting and see if they can find some way to work another gay character or obvious one liner into the script. The racists and bigots have found solace in an endless stream of Bin Laden jokes and thus some of the pressure on our neighbors of middle eastern decent has been relieved. And the United States foreign policy is as intrusive and bullying as ever. I'm glad to see everyone breaking out the long haul rhetoric because there will be ever increasing numbers of attacks on Americans until such time as we stop trying to mold the world in our image. Now, on to the positive. Some good things have come of all of this. We have once again been reminded of the vast amount of pride and effort going into the work of the men and women of our armed services. Despite the fact that war is a sick abomination and a violation of every religion, creed, aesthetic, and ethos (side note.....I have been hearing allot of support for the war from the Christian right....actually from Christians in general......you Christians ever read the bible? .....specifically proverbs?....maybe you should) it is also a reality in the our world. The Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, National Guard, Coast Guard, and other agencies have truly shown their true colors, and done so proudly. The women of Afghanistan have found some relief from the oppression of the Taliban. Women in the middle east have far to go but they struggle on in good company. Women in Africa are also persecuted and subjected to inhumanity as well as men and women of different religions and colors all over the world. Someday, when we stop fighting, maybe we can begin to lead by example. Until then, Struggle O

Kyle Bateman

Date: 2/6/2002

Hate as a Learned Behavior

by Shawn Blackburn

Copyright © 2001 Paragon Peacock Publishing, no part of this article may be copied except for the purpose of reviews for which written permission must be obtained directly from Paragon Peacock Publishing and Shawn Blackburn.

Being in the Military has lent a perspective to the Sept. 11th attack that is hard to explain. Through all the pain and suffering, we have joined together under our flag once again. The prayers that have gone out, along with the thanks and appreciation, for our military, our police and firefighters has been outstanding. It makes you proud to be American, and to be serving our country in some capacity.

Through all this, and the thanks I have received. I would like to extend MY Thanks, to all those who support us; the families, friends, and neighbors, that support those of us in the military, police force or firefighters. We appreciate your support in what we do in our day to day lives. You supporting us, and showing that you care makes our jobs that much easier, knowing that we are doing something that helps our great nation and those that live in it.

Thank You, to all those out there that support us.

Thank you very much.

Martin Williams

Date: 1/2/2002

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