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Acupuncture & Acupressure

Acupuncture, ancient Chinese medical procedure involving insertion and manipulation of needles at any of more than 360 points in the human body. Applied to relieve pain during surgery or in rheumatic conditions, and to treat many other illnesses, acupuncture is used today in most hospitals in China and by some private practitioners in Japan and elsewhere, including the United States.Encarta® Encyclopedia 2000. ©

Acupressure, a variant in which the practitioner uses manipulation rather than penetration to alleviate pain or other symptoms, is in widespread use in Japan and has begun to find adherents in the U.S. Also known as shiatsu, acupressure is administered by pressing with the fingertips—and sometimes the elbows or knees—along a complex network of trigger points in the patient's body. Encarta® Encyclopedia 2000. ©

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